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Gold Spur Equine
Acuscope and Myopulse Therapy

Revolutionizing Equine Therapy

The GOLDEN TOUCH for your Equine!

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Located in Both Colorado & Wyoming Now!!

Kaycee is still offerings services and available for appointments in Northeastern Colorado. While Koree is now offering her services in & near Torrington, WY. 

We Will Work With You

Each horse that we treat is going to be different, but here is a basic outline of what you can expect based on your horse's needs. To book an appointment please contact us at the phone numbers or the email provided. For each session plan on about an hour. The treatments differentiate quite a bit so please contact us with any questions. 

Pre/Post Run

This is going to be the treatment that we use as a general relief of muscle soreness, and your basic needs. This treatment is is most effective pre or post run, and as maintenance. This is a single treatment, that is not needed consecutively. 


Each injury is going to pose different plans, but one element that you can almost always count on is that we need to treat for at least 5-7 days consecutively and can potentially go up to 14 days. This ensures that we are treating to the best of our ability. 

Come to Us

We are equipped with a wonderful facility that allows us to treat horses right out our back door. You can bring your equine athlete to our facility at a cheaper charge. We also offer multiple day stays at our facility for those consecutive treatments. We have runs with partial cover or larger pens with shelter all with personal waters and feeders, if needed. You can find our address at the bottom of this page. 

Travel to You

We all know it is not always the easiest to find the time in our crazy world to load up a horse and travel to a facility, so that is why we offer coming to you and your horse. We add on to the charge based on how far, how many horses, and overall the time of treatments. 

Rodeo Run

With our family heavily involved in the ProRodeo industry, it is sometimes likely that our paths will cross on the rodeo road.  Depending on certain fairgrounds and/or event vendor rules, we can often times fit in treatments pre/post rodeo performances.  Watch our social media feeds or contact us to arrange for treatments.

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